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Just another one of many music producers, waiting to get noticed. I do EDM, mainly trap, house and dance.


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Should I be using Newgrounds?

Posted by Nyctophilia - May 20th, 2018

I don't even think myself that I should be using this site as I know I'm nowhere near professional enough to do well, and no one actually notices that I exist or am here... Maybe I should just stop until I'm more proffesional...

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In other words, I may just leave.

Woah woah woah dude! Don't leave! You realize not everyone needs to make great stuff on Newgrounds, right? You just need to get out there. Post in some forums, review some stuff, vote on some stuff. Just have an all-around fun time hanging out. Newgrounds is, after all, Everything, by Everyone.

Hah bro you're 13(?). Don't take yourself so seriously man. I was about your age when I started here... and I still suck!

Everyone should be using NewGrounds. If you want to get good, you can learn a lot from here and the NewGrounds community elsewhere - such as social media and other channels.

It doesn't matter what skill level you are. Newgrounds can be your school in all these things you want to do, if you let it. Chin up!

hey cheer up. you know everyone starts out somewhere. every proffesional started as a noob so to speak. they where not good at making music but they continued and became better and after a while they learned more and more but you have to continue.

being a music producer isn't about being noticed. it's about having fun in what you do. you only posted one audio thing so it's normal you don't get noticed as fast. it takes time for people to find you and notice you. but it's not about fans. it's about how you enjoy making music and that is what matters. if someone else enjoys it that is awesome right but the point is you must be happy with what your making. after a time people will just say: hey i like that, so let me follow you. don't expect people to be there after a week and you having 60 or more followers. it doesn't work that way.

if you love what you do carry on ^^ it's the love and energy that people put into there creations that make it beautiful. and eventually after a while you will be a proffecional so don't give up something you love. people will come in time. just post your stuff and try to stay positive okay,
i believe you can do it ^^ so chin up and smile because you can do this with enough will power and determination. (and everyone is worth it to post there stuff on here so even you)

Skill comes in time and the community here on Newgrounds can be extremely helpful. The forums are a great place to get information on how to improve your work.

Look at my first few years of submitting music for an example. I had no idea how to mix, master or even really write music for that matter but I didn't let it hold me back from posting my creations here on Newgrounds. My music didn't really start to sound better (to me) until about two years ago and I'm still currently improving my skills.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Whatever you create, even if it's simple, be proud of it. Later on in your life, when you've improved beyond what you think is capable, you can look back on those first uploads and see how your creative process changed over time.

I still think my music isn't professional in any way but I'll keep uploading because it makes me happy and want to share it with everyone.